Kominka MUKU


Studio MUKU Studio MUKU

A workshop for getting greater enjoyment out of your lifestyle.
Fun events are held every month in this lesson studio on topics such as cooking, interior design, crafts, and much more.
To make it easier for parents with small children to participate, we also provide a free childcare service.

《 What’s to “Like!” about Studio Muku? 》

Kitchen facility

Our open kitchen offers a fun environment for cooking, learning, and eating. We also hold kitchen demonstration events here.

DIY tools

We offer a wide variety of DIY tools such as screwdrivers and power saws for those who want to have a go at handicrafts, interior renovation, furniture making, and much more.

Free reservation-based
child care service

Our child care service is available during events for free on a reservation basis at Asobiba Muku on the 2nd floor. *Intended for children from four months old (who can hold their heads up) to pre-school age

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