Kominka MUKU

Kominka MUKU
Relocation & Restoration

《 May 2017 》
A traditional Japanese-style house in Nagano City (formerly Kinasa Village), Nagano Prefecture was dismantled and relocated to Ome.
《 February 2018 》
Kominka Cafe, a cafe and office that also features a kids’ space and event studio, opened in Ome City, Tokyo.

Learn from the old, and create the new. That’s the spirit with which Kenko Kobo Shimura approaches home construction. We’re dedicated to building homes based on traditional construction methods that evolved from the climate and landscape of Japan.

We studied the craftsmanship and wisdom of Japan’s traditional architecture in order to relocate and restore this old Japanese-style house built over 150 years ago in Nagano, and we hope it will help to convey the appeal of this country’s artisanal construction techniques to future generations.

Continuing tradition, for the next 100 years.

Representative Director, Kenko Kobo Shimura
Masanari Shimura

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〒198-0024 Kominka Muku 2F, Shinmachi 5-4-8, Ome, Tokyo
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