Kominka MUKU

Shimura’s healthy & happy homes

Shimura aims to provide houses that foster healthy lifestyles.
We build homes that draw from the power of nature to protect the wellbeing and way of life of their occupants.
Rather than dwellings that emphasize convenience over everything else, we make homes for human beings.

《 Shimura’s 3 keys to homebuilding 》

1Utilizing nature’s bounty

People should lead healthy lives. To give you a helping hand, Shimura utilizes nature’s bounty to the fullest. Our houses welcome sunlight and wind, and are made with the finest natural materials, such as wood and earth. They provide not only home comforts, but also relief to allergy sufferers.

2Ensuring they’re a
joy to live in

Houses should offer the warmth of a family home, and the freedom for families to play together and indulge in hobbies to their hearts’ content.Shimura strives to create places that people can share with nature, and look forward to coming home to.

3Contributing to
emotional development

Children learn many things from daily life, such as the ability to sense danger, and to think and take action. Their sensibilities and vitality develop through their bonds with their family. Shimura places great value in creating homes that contribute to the emotional development of children.

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