Kominka MUKU


Asobiba Muku asobiba MUKU

The gentle warmth of wood. Scents, textures, and sounds. The abundant charm of wooden toys. They give the playing area an added dimension, and enrich imagination and expression. At Asobiba (Playspace) Muku, you can come and go any time you like. A free space for parents and children.

  • Closed Wednesdays
  • OPEN 10:00-16:00   TEL 0428-33-9556
  • *Entry free  *Also used as a venue for kids’ events

《 What’s to “Like!” about Asobiba Muku? 》


Square of wooden toys

It’s full of items that will captivate kids, such as a mini kitchen and store, a building block pool, and a hammock!,


Nursing room

Nurse your child on a comfortable sofa chosen carefully by our staff. Relax and spend a pleasant time with your baby.


Diaper-changing station

The bathroom for parents features a bed for changing diapers. There’s no need to rush, so take as much time you need.

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