Kominka MUKU


MUKU cafe

A cafe in a traditional Japanese-style house where both parents and children can relax and have fun.
Featuring seasonal foodstuffs locally sourced from Ome, and also Nagano, where the house originally stood.
We take great care with our cooking to bring the very best out of our flavorsome ingredients.

  • Closed Wednesdays
  • LUNCH 10:00-16:00 (LO15:30)
  • TEL 0428-33-9558 *Kids’ space available

あそび場 むく asobiba MUKU

The gentle warmth of wood. Scents, textures, and sounds.
The abundant charm of wooden toys.
At Asobiba (Playspace) Muku, you can come and go any time you like.
A free space for parents and children.

  • Closed Wednesdays
  • OPEN 10:00-16:00   TEL 0428-33-9556
  • *Entry free *Also used as a venue for kids’ events

Studio MUKU

A workshop for getting greater enjoyment out of your lifestyle.
Fun events held every month on topics such as cooking, interior design, crafts, and much more.
To make it easier for parents with small children to participate, we also provide a free childcare service.




Learn from the old, and create the new. That’s the spirit with which Kenko Kobo Shimura approaches home construction. We’re dedicated to building homes based on traditional construction methods that evolved from the climate and landscape of Japan.

We studied the craftsmanship and wisdom of Japan’s traditional architecture in order to relocate and restore this old Japanese-style house built over 150 years ago in Nagano, and we hope it will help to convey the appeal of this country’s artisanal construction techniques to future generations.

Continuing tradition, for the next 100 years.

Kenko Kobo Shimura

access / contact

kominka MUKU

Closed Wednesday / Tuesday
LUNCH 10:00-16:00

〒198-0024 Shinmachi 5-4-8, Ome, Tokyo
28 parking spaces in Parking Lot #2 (Daini Chushajo)
Priority parking spaces are available next to Kominka Muku.

TEL 0428-33-9558(Cafe)
TEL 0428-33-9556(Reception)

*For more information on our facilities and events,
please click on the “Enquiries” link below.

Kenko Kobo Shimura  Ome Kaido Branch Ask us about custom homes, renovation,buying and selling, and renting.
〒198-0024 Kominka Muku 2F, Shinmachi 5-4-8, Ome, Tokyo
OPEN 9:00-17:00 Closed on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays and
Wednesdays of every month, and public holidays
TEL 0428-33-9555  FAX 0428-33-9557